Get to know Adriana, the woman behind the brand.

Art Director/ Fashion Designer
Succes and Business Coach

“I wanted to bring art in fashion and by this to Art your life.”

Adriana Repede


The Creative Director and Brand Creator, Adriana Repede, is a Success and Business Coach with over 10 awards and special recognition, MA fashion, luxury brand, outstanding results.

In April 2017 she launched Adria Arte, a brand that emphasizes art and culture, a performance of luxury scarves and fashion collections, inspired by the great artists and beautiful places around the world.


Adriana travels a lot and meets ladies from different cultures and nationalities, which extends her vision and understanding of the needs of those she meets, including the need to look good and feel good.


“It’s fascinating to create a product that excites you as an author, that is a reflection of all the knowledge you have gained, but also a reflection of the passion, the inner exploration call. It is a story of becoming…”


Her goal now is to create timeless artistique collections, using her knowledge, skills, vision, integrating past and present in her work, using in her visual language the inspiration from nature, the inspiration from her dreams, from her rich imaginary, and using the fascination for fabrics in the same time.