Collection 1.0

art meets fashion

“La mission de l’art n’est pas de copier la nature, mais de l’exprimer.”

Honoré de Balzac

The theme of this collection was the beauty of the Mediterranean space, with flowers, fruits and birds flourishing towards the friendly sun.

Adria scarf is object d’art, a striking scarf embellished with an original painting of the artist. The painting was digitally printed on the best – quality silk. The scarf becomes an artistic object that speaks about values, quality, and choices. It offers a high-impact look, while also being soft to the touch and enhancing the good mood of the wearer. - Bloom


As a walk among flowers field, the viewer can travel anywhere and the flowers can be transformed by the imagination of the viewer. The work of art is synonymous with days in pink, relaxed, seductive and quiet. - Citrus


The work of art is like a walk through the Citrus Gardens in Sicily or Capri, being synonymous with story nights on the island, providing a state of serenity, peace, trust. - Spicy


This work of art is a captivating one inviting you to exotic places to feel captivated and appealing. Like a walk in a special place, brilliantly colored with lights and shadows, with parrots, orange blossom, jasmine or iris, the painting is creating a mysterious, exotic and relaxing mood.

“The ADRIA Collection captures the spirit of quality time, unique and beautiful moments, special emotions and sensations that surround us.
ADRIA becomes a space filled with art and beauty, a space that is constantly reinvented.”

Adriana Repede