I’m sharing the joy of creating the exquisite Romanian brand Adria Arte with you, a concept of contemporary fine art, design and culture, and in 2020, also launching the educational program in creative entrepreneurship, Adria Academy.

Adria Arte started as a dream, but also and above all as an adventure. 


True to its name, Adria (from Latin, Hadria, synonymous with Adriatic Sea, meaning the one who comes from the sea, or lives near the sea) brings the sea closer to you, because the sea it’s never enough!


To capture the spirit of the sea and infuse it into our scarves, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes found across the European islands. 

This commitment to excellence has set us apart from the beginning, inspiring us to continually push ourselves to do better, and to use our work to celebrate and elevate both European islands and the people who call it home.


Destination anywhere – Adria is all about the journey, not just the destination. We believe that travel and exploration are essential to our collection, and to our identity as a company. 

As the founder of this concept, I’m a a true traveller, a free spirit and a firm believer in the power of travel to broaden our horizons and enrich our lives. With every piece we create, we strive to capture the spirit of discovery, and to inspire others to embrace their own sense of wanderlust.


The brand’s purpose is to empower women and women entrepreneurs. 

Our motivation is to support art, originality, creativity, but also to support free enterprise and women entrepreneurs.

Our motivation is also to help them achieve their goals through better business solutions so that they can achieve their goals and dreams. Now more than ever we support the community and we believe in the importance of collaborations. That’s why I have created Adria Academy in 2020.

Our mission is to inspire women through creativity and wonderful ideas!


Freedom, joy, peace, pleasure, harmony, beauty, but also care for nature, respect for people or concern for social and entrepreneurial development, are just a few values we believe in and want to convey in our actions, products and communications.


Feel good knowing you have purchased clothing and accessories produced ethically and sustainable and love your clothes more!

Discover our patterns, that mean culture, education, art, originality and creativity, and transform your experience with Adria Arte into a unique one.

Here you will find Adria Arte’s high end collections of luxury silk with signature print, silk scarves, fashion outfits, corporate gifts, unisex accessories inspired from beautiful places or famous artists around the world (customisation on request).

Stay with us to travel together with Adria to the next destination!

Brand Creator, CEO
Adriana Repede